Meme: ¿Qué clase de blogger eres? (What kind of blogger are you?)

Este meme consiste en hacer un test en el que nos dicen qué clase de blogueros somos. Son sólo 7 preguntas que se contestan en  minuto y nos dan el código para implementar el resultado en el blog.

what kind of blogger are you

Greed: 2
Money, Money, Money! Whether its Adsense, Affiliate programs or Banners, blogging is all about the clicks, paid ones that is! Although you do get enjoyment out of writing for the sake of it, you blog because you enjoy rolling in the dough!

Experience: 0
You represent one of the thousands of newcomers that take up blogging every year and while others will fall away over time, you are in it for the long haul. It’s only a matter of time before your greatness is apparent to all and sundry!

Sociability: 1
You love web 2.0 stuff like Digg and Delicious and you’re involved in more blogging groups, networks and activities than anyone else you know. With all your connections, you make Neil Patel look positively anti-social!

mo money young upstart socialite

El test está AQUÍ. El mem puede seguirlo quien quiera y lo incluyo en la lista.

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