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Comparto con el que quiera, estos remixes de temas de Madonna que me llegaron por correo del un grupo italiano de noticias madonneras.

Madonna – Best Re-Invention Remixes

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vanity fair 2002


Vol 1
American Life (Dj Matt Maddy’s Gone Ti)
Bedtime story [Orbital Mix]
Candy Perfume Girl (Mellow-Rmx)
Crazy For You (Tony Moran Circuit Boys Remix)
Die Another Day (Thee Retrolectro Mix)
Dress You Up (Felix Meow’s In Style Mix)
Easy Ride (Dream For The Reality Mix)
Express Yourself (Stop & Go Dubs)
Frozen (Idaho’s Kingston Reggae Mix)
Hollywood (Stuart Price Remix)

Vol 2
American Pie (Richard Humpty Radio Mix)
Bad Girl (Dikkie’s Good Boy Mix 2002)
Buenos Aires ( Nova Bossa Mix Edit)
Deeper And Deeper (Dance Club Mix)
Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss’ 2001 Hands in the Air Anthem Mix]
Erotica – Guyom’s All Over Mix
Express Yourself (Sister Sledge Remix 2001)
Rescue Me (Saint Ken’s Full Sp)
Shanti Ashtangi (Electric Mantra Mix)
The Power Of Good- Bye (Dallas Extended Mix)

Vol 3
Over And Over (Idaho’s Funky Drive Mix)
Peter Rauhofer’s Drowned World Dub
Sky Fits Heaven (Calderone Future Mix)
Take A Bow (Silky Soul Mix)
Thief Of Hearts (TC Rob Impetuous Club Mix)
True Blue (Deep Magic Dance Mix)
Where Life Begins (Elijah Mix)
Words Of The Prophecy (A!O Mix – New Edit)
X-Static Process (Live)
Your Honesty (Jason Nevins Remix)

Vol 4
Hollywood (Club Dance Mix)
I Want You (Obsessive Mix)
I’m So Stupid (Dikkie’s Alternate Version 2003)
Intervention (Samuel Slow Lounge Mix)
Like A Flower (Dalyx Frequence Restoration Mix)
Live To Tell (David Morales Mix)
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Junior vs. Madonna Direct Hit Mix)
Love Tried To Welcome Me (Idaho’s Lonely Remix)
Material Girl (Extended Dance Mix)
Mother & Father (Donny’s Wild Child Mix)

Vol 5
Ray Of Light (Victor Calderone Club Mix Radio Edit)
Runaway Lover (Victor Calderone Provocateur Mix)
Sanctuary (Remix Maniac’s Sacred Mix)
Secret Garden (Secret Dance Mix)
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – Bedtime Story (A!O’s Cookie Mi
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – Erotica – A!O’s Parlo Dub 2003
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – Secret – A!O Swept Mambo
The Beast Within (Acapella)
To Have And Not To Hold (Remixmaniac’ s Breakbeat Mix)
You Must Love Me (Live From Oscar)


Vol 6
Keep It Together – Single Remix (LAP remastered)
Nothing Really Matters [Vikram Remix]
Like a Virgin [12» Remix] (Remastered)
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (MARK’s Full On Vocal)
Me Against The Music (Mike Danavan & Idaho’s Lolitas R.I.P Edit)
Megamix (Remixed Bj Dj A!O – Dance In The 80’s And The 90’s)
Mer Girl (Future Dub Mix)
Music (DJ Beeker Remix)
Nobody Knows Me (White Label Mix)
Nothing Fails (Jackie’s In Love In The Club Mix)

Vol 7
Human Nature (Love Is The Nature Mix)
I Want You (Skin Bruno HipHop Mix)
Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix)
In This Life (Saint Ken’s Memorial CLG Remix)
Inside Of Me (Remix)
Intervention (Not-Religious Mix)
Into The Hollywood Groove (John Flax Remix Edit)
La Isla Bonita (Saint Ken’s Extended Latin Rm Club Mix)
Like A Prayer (Guyom’s High on Emotion Mix)
Little Star (Sp!n Slow House Mix)

Vol 8
Everybody Thrill Me (Mike Danavan’s Tweakin On Speed Dub)
Express Yourself 1990 (Shep’s’Spressin’ Himself Re-Remix)
Frozen (Hardcore Remix)
Gone Gone Gone (Remix Briann’s Bound To Happen Mix)
Goodbye To Innocence (Nic’s Lost 12inch Club Mix).MP3
Holiday (Illicit 2003 White Label Mix)
Hollywood [Elijah’s »Everybody Is A Star» Club Mix]
Papa Don’t Preach (Stem’s 2003 bootleg Mix)
Paradise (Not For Me) – Donny’s Extended Dance Mix
Promise to Try (Ornique’s Remix Edit)

Vol 9
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – A!O’s Words Of The Prophecy (G
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – Buenos Aires (A!O’s Doo Mee Do
Sp!N Online Presents Madonna – Frozen (A!O & Sp!N’s Melting H
Time Stood Still (Leroy’s Soft House Mix)
Vogue (2000 House Remix)
Waiting (Remix)
What It Feels Like For A Girl (That Kid Chris Cali Mix)
Where’s The Party (Donny’s Losing Control Mix)
Who’s That Girl (2002 House Mix)
X-Static Process (Mike Danavan’s Dancing In The Dark Vocal Mix)

Vol 10
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Edge Factor Mix)
Madonna – (Megamix Madonnaholic! s Remix)
Mother & Father (Mike Danavan & Idaho’s Matricide Edit)
Nobody Knows Me ( Official Peter’s Private Life Mix Pt 1)
Open Your Heart (Ornique’s Abrupt &Turbulent Instrumental)
Paradise (Not For Me) (A!O Live Drum-Dub-Apella)
Rain (2003 Thunderdance Remix)
Ray Of Light (Ultra Bright Hard Mix)
Secret (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix)
Spanish Eyes Sstone’s Extended Mix)

Ya no están disponibles, lo siento.

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  1. Pensaba que se trataban de las versiones estudio del Re-Invention Tour (qué gran gira). Aún así, voy a probar a descargarmelos.

  2. Ando un poco justo de memoria en el ordenata, pero me las descargaré, las oiré un tiempo y luego las borraré, que el «CCleaner» hace maravillas :)

  3. no pude descargar estos remixes…
    Los link estan rotos…. Rotos, quebrados rotados, rompidos, unworked, unaviable, wrong,
    Ni modo… ten un buen dia!!!

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