Megamixes de Stock, Aitken y Waterman (SAW)

Aquí unos megamixes de las famosas producciones británicas de Mike Stock, Matt Aitken y Pete Waterman, más conocidos como Stock, Aitken y Waterman o SAW, publicados bajo el sello PWL. Este trío de productores se distinguió por dominar la escena musical británica y en gran parte europea, entre 1987 y 1991, aunque empezaron en 1984. En su época dorada consiguieron que siempre hubiese alguna de las canciones que producían para famosos cantantes en el TOP 10 británico.

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No sé si habrán tomado algunas licencias para realizar los megamixes y habrán introducido canciones que no fueron producidas por ellos, ya que por ejemplo, me suena que la canción de Eight Wonder fue producida por Pete Hammond.

1. Kylie Minogue – Hand On Your Heart
2. Hazell Dean – Who’s Leaving Who
3. Jason Donovan – Hang On To Your Love
4. Donna Summer – This Time I Know Its For Real
5. Mel & Kim – That’s The Way It Is
6. Bananarama – I Can’t Help It
7. Sinitta – Cross My Broken Heart
8. Rick Astley – Whenever You Need Somebody
9. Sabrina – All Of Me
10. Debbie Harry – In Love With Love

1. Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky (Extended Mix)
2. Rick Astley – Together Forever (Lover’s Leap Extended Remix)
3. Bananarama – Love In First Degree (Jailers Version)
4. Sinitta – Cross My Broken Heart (Cupid’s Avenging Mix)
5. Sonia – Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Mix)

1. Brother Beyond – The Harder I Try (The Hardest Mix)
2. Hazell Dean – Who?s Leaving Who (Bob’s Tambourine Megamix)
3. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Murder Mix)
4. Divine – You Think You’re A Man (12″ Mix)
5. Sabrina – All Of Me (PWL Mix)

1. Mel and Kim – Respectable (Club Mix)
2. Samantha Fox – I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Mix)
3. The Reynolds Girls – I’d Rather Jack (Extended Mix)
4. Stock Aitken Waterman – S.S. Paparazzi (12″ Mix)
5. Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts (Urban Remix)

1. Pat and Mick – I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet (Extended Mix)
2. Big Fun – Blame It On The Boogie (Extended Mix)
3. Lonnie Gordon – Happenin’ All Over Again (Extended Mix)
4. Cliff Richard – I Just Don’t Have The Heart (Extended Mix)
5. Donna Summer – This Time I Know Its For Real (Extended Mix)

1. Laura Branigan – Shattered Glass (Vocal 12″ Mix)
2. Debut De Soiree – Nuit De Folie
3. London Boys – Requiem (London Remix)
4. Sandra – Everlasting Love (PWL 12″ Mix)
5. Desireless – Voyage Voyage (Britmix)

1. Scarlet Fantastic – No Memory (Extra Sensory Mix)
2. Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Success (12″ Mix)
3. Eighth Wonder – Baby Baby (Dance Mix)
4. Boykrazy – That’s What Love Can Do (Club Mix)
5. Dollar – Oh L’amour (PWL 12″ Mix)

1. Mandy – Positive Reaction (Our Mandy’s Extended Mix)
2. Michael Davidson – Turn It Up (In Full Cry Mix)
3. Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom (A Phil Harding Remix)
4. Damian – Time Warp (PWL Extended Remix)
5. Yell! – Instant Replay (The Rebound Club Mix)

1. EG Daily – Mind Over Matter (Remix)
2. Debbie Harry – In Love With Love (London Extended Mix)
3. Shooting Party – Safe In The Arms Of Love (Phil’s Extra Beat Update)
4. Blue Mercedes – I Want To Be Your Property (Def Before Dishonour USA Mix)

1. Pepsi & Shirlie – Heartache (Club Mix)
2. ABC – When Smokey Sings (Miami Mix)
3. Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin (Miami Mix)
4. Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Pain Mix)

1. Climie Fisher – Love Changes Everything (House Mix)
2. Giant Steps – Into You (The Bunker Mix)
3. Princess – Say I’m Your Number One (H.R.H Mix No.3)
4. Five Star – Rain Or Shine (Remix)

1. The Three Degrees – The Heaven I Need (Remix)
2. Phil Fearon – I Can Prove It (Full Version)
3. O’Chi Brown – Whenever You Need Somebody (Pull It Off Mix)

1. Dolly Dots – What A Night (12″ Remix)
2. Band Aid II – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

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megamixes stock aitken waterman saw kylie megamixes stock aitken waterman saw sinitta

megamixes stock aitken waterman saw sonia megamixes stock aitken waterman saw sabrina

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